World’s Most Valuable Coin Collections

Collecting coins is a very old hobby of many people around the world and it is as common as collecting post stamps. Basically, you cannot surprise anyone by saying that you collect coins. According to the historical sources, first knowledge about the collections of coins and coin markets can be dated back in the 14th century. The term “numismatic” which means collecting and studying coins were invented and accepted as an academic discipline four centuries later when people understood that very old coins sometimes gain even bigger value.

However, every coin had a value in the past and some of them still are valuable, so some big collections can be evaluated in an incredible amount of money. There are just a few coin collections that are so famous and valuable that the whole world is talking about them. So, if you think that your collection is worth a lot, you can be very disappointed after seeing these numbers.

The Tyrant Collection

No one has been seen this collection for many years, but everyone heard lots of rumors that it could be the most valuable collection of coins all around the world as it includes a treasured 1937 Edward VIII proof set and many ancient coins of different ages and cultures. This collection has tyrants of different kings, emperors, popes, sultans, dictators, and other leaders, so these tyrants have not just the monetary value but are the historical pieces of evidence also. Basically, all these tyrants are classified by the three main territories of the Thames, Tigris & Euphrates and Tyrrhenian & Adriatic Seas.

The Tyrant Collection
The Tyrant Collection

The highlight of this collection is the only complete proof set of Edward VIII in private hands. When Edward VIII became King of England, the special set of coins with his portrait was prepared. However, he gave up on being a king very soon because of a woman who wasn’t from a royal family, as a result, those coins have never been issued as the real money and, theoretically, they shouldn’t exist. After the collection was found, it is exposed to the major museums around the world and people can admire the historical prints on so many different coins that survived thousands of years.

Collection of Egypt’s King Farouk

King Farouk I of Egypt ruled this country at the beginning of the 20th century and promoted an extremely fancy lifestyle like many other kings, sultans or dictators of Arabic countries. Of course, he had an endless amount of very expensive hobbies and desires and numismatic was one of them. His collection had pieces of ancient gold coins, 1913 Liberty Head nickels, a golden coin of Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles that was described as the stolen and missing one for many years.

Now the collection is exposed to the public audiences at a few different museums. However, it is not possible to say the exact value of this collection because many coins could be stolen when the regime of Farouk was destroyed or maybe even hidden by the king and his relatives.