World’s Most Valuable Coin Collections II

When a hobby becomes the passion of your life you can achieve amazing things on a really big scale. These coin collections are considered the most valuable and important ones all over the world. These collections are placed in museums now, but they have been collected by individual persons on their own time and expenses. All of these collections are very impressive because of their sizes and values, but most important is the historical impact and influence on the science of numismatic.

Collection of John J. Ford Jr.

John J. Ford Jr. is a well-known coin dealer from New York who has fallen in numismatic in the early 1950s. In the beginning, numismatic was just a job for him when he had to prepare and produce the catalogs about coins with very detailed descriptions. Later, he worked as a delivery boy for other coin dealers, so step by step he gained lots of knowledge about coins and get familiar with many influential people of the numismatic world by that time.

During the half of the century, Ford collected an impressive collection with some true and rare highlights such as pioneer gold pieces, pattern coins, early American copper coins, Confederate currency, and medals. In 2003, his collection was sold in parts during 21 auctions in three years. The overall number of pieces of this collection was almost 10 900 coins and the approximate value gained a little more than 56 million USD.

World’s Most Valuable Coin Collections II
World’s Most Valuable Coin Collections II

Collection of Sarah Sophia Banks

Sarah Sophia Banks was a passionate collector all her life. She collected many antiquarian pieces of art, sculptures, and furniture. However, she also was fallen in love with coins and made a great contribution to the field of numismatic. During her life, she collected over 8 500 pieces collection that includes coins of different historical ages, disappeared countries, and leaders, coins from silver and gold, medals, rare coins to currency notes as well as broadsheets to newspaper clippings. The highlight of her collection is the Tealby pennies of Henry II.

All collection was found individually by Sarah as she collected it coin by coin, the collection was private until her death. After she passed away, her brother Joseph donated the whole collection to the British Museum and the Royal Mint in two equal parts, so now everyone has an opportunity to admire the hard work of Sarah Banks.

Collection of Harry W. Bass

Harry Bass was an entrepreneur from Dallas. He always said that he is interested in numismatic in a selective manner because he collected only the golden coins. He started his collection in the 60s when he accidentally got a few gold coins. Those coins seemed so interesting to him, so Harr5y started to do many types of research about history and culture of golden coins, then founded some more and more. Finally, he gained the biggest and most notable collection of golden coins during the whole history of the United States. After his death, the major part of the collection was sold in auctions by his relatives, but the remaining part is on display at the ANA’s Money Museum in Colorado.