Numismatic Museums in the USA

If you are interested in din history, then you might be a big fan of any museums.  However, many items might be more or less similar in different museums of art, history or science. The museums of numismatic don’t face this problem as every coin is always different, represent different ages, historical circumstances, leaders, wars or even deaths and marriages. As a result, it’s always a smart choice to choose the museum of coins. If there is no such museum somewhere close to your home, then we want to offer you a few great options. These museums are called the best numismatic museums in the United States and here you will be able to enjoy very rare coins that cannot be found anywhere else and never get close to.

The American Numismatic Association Money Museum aka ANA

It is the most important numismatic museum in the USA, located in Colorado and the overall number of pieces in different expositions is over 250 000 objects. On the display, you can find many precious and best-known coins, so there is no surprise that the value of the whole collection might be more than a few billions of dollars.

The museum of ANA has one part of the famous Harry W. Bass Collection that includes many unique coins such as the silver dollar of the year of 1804. Other coins that cannot be missed are the Liberty nickel of 1913, steam coin press from the Philadelphia mint of 1836, many different gold and pattern coins as well as very old paper money. The admission is free, you can choose a tour with a guide and a special tour for kids, so it would be a great educational afternoon for the whole family.

National Numismatic Collection, Smithsonian Institution

Another great numismatic museum is Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. that has an amazing collection of coins from the different ages that is called The National Numismatic Collection. The overall number of this collection is over 1.6 million coins, medals, tokens, pieces of paper money, and other items important to the studies and researches of the field of numismatics. Some items of this collection are important not only to the history of the United States but to the historical events of South America and Europe as well.

The highlights of the collection might be 3 kinds of the silver dollar of 1804, 2 of the 3 known Double Eagles made in 1933, the aluminum Lincoln cent of 1974, a 1787 Ephraim Brasher half doubloon to two 1877 one-dollar pattern pieces. Visitors can find more 12 000 Russian coins, 19 000 Greek coins, and other coins from many countries all around the farthest corners of the world.

Unfortunately, the NNC’s “History of Money and Metals” exhibit was closed in 2004. However, many new exhibitions are constantly preparing few times a year and very helpful guides are always ready to tell you all the hidden stories if the coins seem too silent for you.