Most Valuable Coins

The big collections of coins always have smaller or bigger value and sometimes that value might reach millions. However, sometimes a single coin can be more valuable than the whole collection. However, the most difficult thing is to evaluate the exact value of a coin. Some coins are absolutely unique and there are no copies or other coins like that one, as a result, such coins are placed in museums and should never be traded in auctions or black markets.

Don’t let yourself to be fooled, the value of the coin does not depend on the metal it is made from. Yes, golden coins are more expensive than the silver ones. However, the main reasons why coins became so incredibly valuable are unexpected historical reasons, errors in the process of producing them or just mysterious ways when only one coin survives some events. So here we represent the most valuable coins in the world.

Edward III Florin of 1343

It seems an absolutely simple coin with the face of a king – you have seen thousands of the same coins. However, this one small coin survived many wars, revolutions, and dictatorships as it is 670 years old and cost $6.8 million at the auction. The coin is made from pure gold. According to historical sources, only three coins of its type known to have survived the centuries and they are called one of the rarest of all the coins in the world, as a result, this one is so rare and valuable.

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle of 1907

This coin was designed and created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1907 but it hasn’t been used as public money in the USA because its design was too difficult and expensive for mass production. However, a very little amount has been prepared, as a result, today these coins are very rare and valuable. If talking precisely, they are so rare and difficult to find that one enthusiast of numismatic paid $7.6 million to be able to add this coin to his collection.

Most Valuable Coins
Most Valuable Coins

The Flowing Hair Silver/ Copper Dollar 1794/5

If paying 6 or 7 million dollars for one coin seems a little too much for you, then you will be totally shocked to find out that this coin cost even more during the auction – the final price of this coin was $10 million. The fun fact is that the initial value of this coin was just one dollar. It was the dollar issued by the United States Federal Government in 1794 or 1795 (the exact date is an object of arguing and discussions for many years). The coin was made of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. The image of Liberty with flowing hair is also very unusual, so it makes this coin even more valuable. There just a few remaining coins of this kind and one of them has been sold for $10 million in January 2013 to a private collection.