Coin Collecting for Beginners

It all starts with one look and you need just a minute to fall in love. One fatal sparkle and you are trapped with no escape. All love stories start similarly and there is no difference of whether you fall in love with a person or with coins because once your heart is captured – your life will never be the same.

This is not an abstract of some new romantic comedy. Today we want to give you some guidelines on how to survive if you accidentally become interested in coins and start to raise your collection. There are some things you should know and follow in order to maintain your interest in numismatics if you want to have a great hobby instead of poisonous addiction.

Personal Reasons

The initial starting point of being a real numismatist is not to have a solid amount of coins but to describe your personal reasons why you are doing this. As any other activity or hobby, numismatics requires lots of time, attention and work, so if you cannot answer yourself why you are diving into the world of coins, you will lose your interests very soon.

There is no shame if the main reason is financial. There is no secret that good collections of coins are extremely valuable because some coins are very rare, old or historical, as a result, they are worth lots of money, and there are some coins made from valuable metals such as silver or gold. Therefore, some authentic, rare and good-quality coins might be sold for thousands or even millions in auctions of numismatics or collectors. However, you have to keep in mind that it works as an investment – you have to spend big money to buy those precious coins in order to earn bigger money out of them.

Another reason to be a numismatist can be just pure interest in history. You don’t have to look for benefits in every step of your life, sometimes it’s good to do things just because you like it and if you want to have a collection of coins just because you love history, then there is no better reason to become a collector.

Valuable Coins

Valuable Coins

Every beginner faces one question – “what coins should I collect”. That is why knowing your reasons is a basic thing. In case you want to be engaged in a business of coin trade, you need to collect very rare and very expensive, valuable coins. However, if you are doing it for fun, then you are free to save every little piece because you found something fascinating in it.

Basically, the description of numismatics says that any objects that look like a coin can be added to a collection: coins, medals, souvenir medallions, tags, badges, counter stamped coins and even some paper money. To be more precise, you can collect coins of a particular country, civilization, historical period or ruler. Some people collect coins that are made of the same material, such as nickel, copper, silver, gold, etc. There are no strict rules, and everything depends on your interests and fantasy.