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Years ago I had started to build a website for the coins of Probus. Changing interests and a disastrous site crash changed that. If you want to find out about the coins of Probus head to

Now this site will be used for displaying my own coins and also my growing interest in the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA). Specifically, becoming a medieval moneyer and a crafter of bronze and pewter jewelry.


Link Compendium - This is my encyclopedia of good links. I've put descriptions to them so that they are more useful.
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Articles - Included are compilations of message threads along with articles that I have found interesting. (Updated 9/27/09)













Viking Arm Rings

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Coin Samples
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Link Compendium
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Pewter craft information
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I need help to ID a Medieval coin.

Northshield Moneyers Guild

SCA Moneyers Group

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